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How can I get a buffer overrun despite the segmentation and paging mechanisms?
This virus from the user program is not possible. It is a story if you make it properly. It is possible to have a ring 0 program. Impersonation of the virus is being discovered.
#virus #Impersonationsociety #japan

Even in the communication of the net, the sameness is surely checked by checksum such as CRC.
Why can't I check the system files of the OS? OS system files are like Trojans can not be.
It is strange that even in the era of automatic updating with big data, such basic measures have not been made yet.

Boot sector tampering. Not possible with a neat file system.
The user program performs all functions through the API of the OS.
There is no sector unit API in the standard library. If not, why not announce boot sector or write to system files
Current operating systems do not have informed consent as standard.

An unknown program I downloaded is trying to write to the "boot sector" or "system file". If it is displayed, it usually stops thinking "What?" There is nothing basic.

Even the basic measures that can be considered even for almost amateurs have not been even 30 years old. On the other hand, they say that "the virus can not be sealed off." What do you think?

Please translate it and read it. Please.

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It can be understood that "buffer overrun", "Trojan horse in system file", "boot sector tampering", "execution of system DLL override with route pass", etc. are impossible now. You can understand by reading the following.

Currently in Japan, horror politics, obstruction of speech and speech closure are being done by the virus of match pump. This causes illegal operation of the PC and information leakage.#virus #Impersonationsociety #japan

This is one of the grounds that current Japan is a camouflaged society. The world is deceived.
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The truth of Japan. The world's top debtor countries are still increasing debt even now.
Debt is not reduced with the consumption tax up to reduce debt, the citizen's physical strength is lost and domestic demand is collapsing.
Japan, the third largest in the world, is the world's top wage minimum wage rate.
Although it is not a prophecy, it is predicted that a large negative wave will come again from 2020.
The collapse of the bubble and the painful eyes of Japan once, it is imminent that the debt bubble is about to collapse. It is likely to happen within 50 years, but this time it will be called Japan shock. I think that size.
In addition, as a ground for the camouflaging society, the virus match-pump problem has been proved. It is on the blog. It would be great if you could translate by image recognition.

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From the following facts, I found that "Buffer overrun problem" and "Trojan horse problem" are physically impossible

It is the content which is ahead of the URL below. I'm sorry, but please translate it before reading.

Why do you do something that only fears horrors without taking any measures?

Unfortunately from this, it can be said that the present Japan is "Camouflaged society".

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Indeed I am sorry, the following is written in Japanese. Please translate it and read it.


#電磁波 #盗聴 #偽装社会


(Added on 25 August 2018 No.2)

I will talk about the wonders of the virus.

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In Japan there is a mechanism to collect individuals to bully individuals by social bullying. It is called "collective stalker phenomenon" in Japan. This is a misuse of crime prevention net, crime prevention patrol, regional collaboration that a certain political party in Japan made. There is a possibility that a false crime is born in this crime prevention net, but it is a completely black box which does not exist even for the right to know the situation at all or even to appeal the objections.

I am a victim of social bullying which is said to be "collective stalker phenomenon". There is no delay after the collapse of my life. I do an announcement activity to notify as much as possible what I understood by investigating what caught up in this incident.

Although it is a computer virus in Japan, obviously unnatural things are happening. At the victim's house, if the application necessary for this announcement activity is displayed as a virus and it can not be activated, or when starting the work of announcement activity, PC abnormality (freezing at 99% of memory and freeze at 99% of disk etc. at this timing etc. ) Occurred, and mysterious things occurred consecutively, such as the folder required for announcement activities becoming empty. It is not 100 or 200. It has occurred enormously since it noticed in 2011.

For such abnormalities security software has no effect. Although I have used many kinds, there was no effect at all.

First of all, what is the ironic rule of crisis management? Do not thoroughly familiarize yourself with the same rut again. However, regarding viruses it is hidingism. It really exists inevitably. Or it is in doubt even whether it really exists or not.

There is a fundamental vulnerability whose existence has already been said for thirty years ago. "Buffer Overrun" and "Trojan Horse". Even now even in the year 2018 these stories have been handed down, but only topical stories. In Japan clearly plant only fear and measures are not going on line.

Actually I noticed that these two problems are fundamentally resolvable problems. Although there are some experiences, basically even I am an amateur 's common man is able to take measures. For some reason this basic measure has not been done at present.

to be continued

And the only thing I want to say is the one below.

At least for the fundamental part related to security, it is to make open architecture, open design and open source thorough.

In addition, I am seeking academic open source. This is not only to disclose the source code, but also to allow juniors of the march to understand and inherit it, considering making old technology available for everyone. It includes not only source code but also conceptual diagrams and structure diagrams, object-oriented block diagrams and interface structures, algorithms and data structures to be used, flow charts etc, and should be described as far as possible when possible.

I think corruption and malicious spill in the world spreads to black boxes, private parts, non-logical exceptions, and so on. It is becoming the fact. The part related to the basis of security should eliminate these and open it. And more people are interested and interested in the problem and actively solve problems. To participate. I think it will be the best security measure.

For future children. For world peace and justice. I think that the power of goodwill volunteers around the world will be very important.


(Added on 25 August 2018)
Misuse of electromagnetic waves. In case

Japan seems to be particularly suffering from the management of electromagnetic waves and it is a country that is flooded.
And what is said to be an electronic nation before 30 years ago is now a hurdle.
High-tech is being abused mercilyly.

First of all, please prefix the following items as a prerequisite.
First of all, I want you to preface the following.

As symbolized by RFID, neither power supply nor battery is required for today's compact electronic equipment. Make electricity from radio waves such as television, radio and wireless communication.

Turn the motor by hand to generate electricity. Sends electricity to the generator and It turns. Likewise, when noise intersecting the chord connected to the speaker is separated, the speech signal of the place is contained. Also, when sending an audio signal to the microphone, it becomes a speaker. Because the microphone is small, it sounds when it presses against the diaphragm.There is a reciprocity theorem for these.It is that we can hide very small equipment anywhere you do not need power supply or batteries.

Dynamic microphones using coils and permanent magnets can not be made as small, but condenser microphones are smaller. Those using piezo elements of piezoelectric elements will be even smaller. It is a very simple structure so it will be less than the size of rice grains.

In Japan, goods called vibration transmission speaker (Den vibration speaker) are sold. This is a vibration speaker is small, it crimps it onto a glass plate etc. and enlarges the sound. This principle can also be used for microphones and so on. If you put it on the back of the case you will be able to pick up the sound outside without the need for a microphone hole.

There is a microchip called DSP. This can be fast Fourier transform. It is possible to extract radio waves of a specific frequency from radio waves in a wide frequency band that entered Ante. It is possible only by internal calculation of DSP. There is a kit called DSP Radio. It is mostly chip only. In areas where noise immunity and high sound quality, such as high output are not required, radio waves can be transmitted by voice only with chips. Lots of parts are not necessary like the old AM radio.

There are pictures of 64 CPU cores written as large as rice grains. If it is one core it is 1/64 size. Currently the DSP radio is made in this size. It is now also easy to bundle the DSP and the minimum necessary memory on this chip. Small capacitors are also included, and if you are satisfied with the accuracy of that, clock input unit is included.

I also said the reciprocity theorem of the motor. Equipment with the same microphone structure will be both a microphone and a speaker. If the equipment is compatible. There are two wires in the microphone device. Just connect one to the GND terminal and the other to the IN and OUT terminals through the coupling capacitor. This is possible even inside the chip including a capacitor. It can be separated even if there is even one IN / OUT terminal.

There is the principle of wave superposition. If the same sine wave is reversed and synchronized, the wave disappears. When sending an audio signal from the OUT terminal of the DSP to the speaker, the mixed signal with the signal of the voice waveform from the outside enters the IN terminal. Since the transmitted waveform is known to the DSP, if it is inverted and superimposed, what will it be? It becomes only the voice signal that entered from outside.

Motor and generator. Speaker and microphone. They said there was a reciprocal theory. Actually, it is also in the antenna. One antenna can transmit and receive. Although it is commonplace to look at trannyba. Furthermore, it is possible to share power as well as signals. It means that it is possible to receive electricity as well as sending and receiving signals from a single antenna. Of course we need to separate the frequencies.

How, rice grain size, everything will be possible just by entering each DSP, microphone / speaker device, antenna one by one. It is just this structure.

Incidentally, I will explain bone conduction. How do we listen to our own voice? You can hear your voice even if you close your ears and talk. Beatben is said to have grasped the tact with his own teeth and applied it to the piano and heard the sound after the ear disappeared. I can hear it when biting a cell phone etc. where music is flowing with teeth. Our voices are formed by vibration in the vocal cords and oral cavity, but this oscillates the bones of the ear through the skull and sends it to the cochlea to hear it. Bone conduction is transmitted to the skull. My teeth are piercing this skull, so bone conduction is well transmitted. So when you chew a device with sound vibration with your teeth, it sounds like you hear well because it's directly in the ear as bone conduction. This means that the sound is transmitted efficiently with the sound vibration in the range where the bone conduction is much smaller than the sound we hear from the outside speaker.

to be continued

So, please imagine based on these facts.
I think that you can see that when high-tech in Japan runaway runs outrageous. Technology has no justice or bad. However, it is human beings to use it. Depending on the people who use it, high-tech can be the worst possible.

And the only thing I want to say is the one below.

I am hoping that advancing technologies for visualizing electromagnetic waves will progress and the analysis method for specific frequency band will be generalized.I hope that anyone can understand these technologies, anyone can make these devices and anyone can realize it by programming.


(Past writing)


I blog explain that Japan is a camouflaged society.
Japan has been hijacked by ruling party and fake religious group.
Please please know the truth of Japan that has not been told.
Japan is going to be caught by political ruling parties and fake religious groups.
I am threatened by them now.
Please automatically translate my blog and read it. I hope for spreading.
Japan that the media communicates is mostly a lie and does not convey the truth.
#japan #sgi #Camouflagedsociety

The truth of Japan which is needed to Know to All people of All over the World.
so,i have to inform this truth to foreign countries.
To tell tha truth soka gakkai(SGI) is not a religion but a crime organization.
They is also not a Buddhism.

Following site url i found in the net is explaining about SGI's lie.
It is movies and sample. .
I'm sorry that i insert those url into this text without permission.

#sgi #soka #gakkai #Buddhism

I am under menace by sgi now.

I am afraid about something is going to be happened to me.



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